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PROFILE - Como La Flor Band

Join Sinfonia Mexicana as it celebrates its 30th Anniversary season with a “Tribute to Selena” concert that features “Como La Flor Band” with vocalist Ely Cosio. The show delivers an authentic, polished recreation of Selena’s last concert in Houston, Texas. The Flor Band Features seven seasoned musicians that back up Ely Cosio on stage.

The Como la Flor Band

Ely Cosio "Selena"

Born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico, Ely has been singing since a very young age. Her whole life has evolved around music and singing. She has been singing professionally for over 15 years and has always admired Selena Quintanilla's work from the start. Ely has brought talent, experience, and contributes in her own version a loving tribute to the Tex-Mex Queen "Selena".

Dean Aronoff.(Guitar)

Dean was born and raised in Arkansas and went to college in Philadelphia. Dean now lives in San Diego, California where he has been working and teaching in the music industry. Dean has spent most of his time while in California working in cruisline bands. Today, Dean brings his talent and expertise to the Como la Flor Band where he has proved to be the best guitarist we need for our show!!!

Jonathan Chapa(Drums)

Jonathan is a young and very talented drummer who's influences range from John Bohnam(Led Zeppelin) to Tony Royster Jr.(Jay Z). Jonathan is a strong and professional drummer. He has worked the night club circuit extensively in southern California. He brings to the Como la Flor Band youth and a proficient attitude to our show...

Eddie Bevins(Timbale/minor percussion/background vocals)

Eddie is a seasoned veteran drummer and percussionist. Eddie has played in many formats and platforms in the music industry ranging from night clubs, concerts to tribute bands. One of his last gigs was playing percussion for an Eric Clapton Tribute band where he shared the stage with Elias III Chacon...

Juan Carlos Salazar(Keyboard/accordion)

JC is a seasoned musician who has worked extensively in Mexico JC brings his virtuosity to the band and brings up the level of musicianship. His domination of the accordion brings a new color and tone to the tejano songs of the show!!!

Mike Cortes(Keyboard/pads/background vocals)

Mike is a seasoned veteran musician. Mike has been in the music industry for most of his life. He has played in many bands and genres of music for more than 20 years. Mike adds experience and humbleness to the band and show.

Giovanni Anarbo Solorio(congas/band director)

Gio was born in Los Angeles and raised in Mexicali. Gio is a seasoned veteran musician who has worked prominently in the music industry in southern California for many years. He has backed for many regional music recording artists as well as worked extensively in studio and television. His work also includes percussion clinics, jazz festivals, and touring in Mexico and the U.S.

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